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Mages use Wands Wands and specialize in Choppin Skill IconMini.png Choppin.

Mage Family Bonus

 Class Level

 Family Man Talent

+ Total WIS

Mage Talents

Energy Bolt

Energy Bolt.png

Your next basic attack strikes the Targeted Enemy for % Damage. You MUST have a wand equipped to cast.

This attack requires a wand in active play.

Mana Cost: 10 
Action Time: 0.5 Seconds 
Cooldown: 6 Seconds

Mini Fireball

Mini Fireball.png

Shoots a fireball that explodes on impact, dealing % damage

Mana Cost: 12 
Action Time: 0.85 Seconds 
Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Mana Overdrive

Mana Overdrive.png

Increase max MP by %



Move forward instantly by a distance of Pixels

This is an active, it must be equipped to your attack bar. Only works if you are already moving when Teleport activates.

Mana Cost: 5 
Action Time: 0.5 Seconds 
Cooldown: 1 Second

You're Next

You're Next.png

Basic attacks have a % chance to Mark enemies, who then take % more damage

The debuff can only be applied in active play when a wand is equipped. This talent has no effect on AFK combat.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power.png

The effect your WIS stat has on Damage is increased by %

Unt'Wis'Ted Robes

Unt'Wis'Ted Robes.png

All Equipment gives % more WIS than what's listed

Power Overwhelming

Power Overwhelming.png

The effect Weapon Power has on Damage Dealt is increased by %

Free Meal

Free Meal.png

% Chance for food to not be consumed when it otherwise would be

Individual Insight

Individual Insight.png

+ base WIS

Log On Logs

Log On Logs.png

For Minutes, trees drop % more Logs than normal

This Active buff acts as a Prowess multiplier, so you must have 100% chop chance to see an effect.

Mana Cost: 5 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Leaf Thief

Leaf Thief.png

% Choppin Efficiency per power of 10 Grass Leaves in your Storage Chest.

This is a log10 scaling bonus, which means you get increased efficiency for every Grass Leaf in storage, not just when you hit a power of 10 breakpoint.

Deforesting All Doubt

Deforesting All Doubt.png

The effect your WIS stat has on Choppin Efficiency is increased by %

Inner Peace

Inner Peace.png

Increases Exp Gain for all Specialized Skills by %

Boosts EXP for Mage Specialized Skills: Choppin, Worship, Laboratory and Divinity. Does not work on Alchemy.

Choppin It Up Ez

Choppin It Up Ez.png

+% Minigame Rewards, and +% Dmg per 25 Pts of your Minigame Highscore

Savvy Basics (Tab 1) Talents

Smart Efficiency

Smart Efficiency.png

Increases the total efficiency of all specialized skills by %

Increases efficiency for Mage Specialized Skills: Choppin, Worship and Laboratory.

Overclocked Energy

Overclocked Energy.png

Damage dealt is increased by % for every power of 10 Max MP you have.

Level cap boosted by Fuscia Flasks Fuscia Flasks
This is a log10 scaling bonus, which means you get increased damage for all of your MP, not just when you hit a power of 10 breakpoint.



Increases Crit Chance by % and Crit Dmg by %.

Level cap boosted by Fantasia Flasks Fantasia Flasks

Idle Casting

Idle Casting.png

AFK Gains Rate for Fighting is increased by %

Active Afk'Er

Active Afk'Er.png

AFK Gains Rate for all Specialized Skills is increased by %

Increases AFK Gains for Mage Specialized Skills: Choppin and Laboratory. Does not work on Divinity