Squishy Soul

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What Squishy Soul is used in
Diabolical Opticule.png Diabolical Opticule 15,000 Smithing
Luciferian Skull.png Luciferian Skull 60,000 Smithing
Peeper Pouch.png Peeper Pouch 5,000 Smithing
Volumetric Soul Pouch.png Volumetric Soul Pouch 300 K Smithing
PurpleBubble18.png Tree Sleeper Lots Alchemy Bubble More Info.
Vial-level-1.png Spook Pint 1.1 B Alchemy Vials More Info.
Lab - Silkrode Motherboard.png Silkrode Motherboard 2 M Chip Repository Purchase
Balance of Pain.png Balance of Pain Lots Prayers
Balance of Proficiency.png Balance of Proficiency Lots Prayers
Glitterbug.png Glitterbug Lots Prayers