Starfire Bar

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What Starfire Bar is used in
Name Quantity Type
Anvil Tab 55,000Smithing
Diabolical Gauntlet50 KSmithing
Dreadlo Pickolo10 KSmithing
Diabolical Abdomen2,500Smithing
Diabolical Continuit3,000Smithing
Diabolical Flesh Ripper3,000Smithing
Diabolical Headcase10 KSmithing
Diabolical Opticule3,000Smithing
Diabolical Toe Tips5,000Smithing
Diabolical Trimed Leg Guards4,000Smithing
Soles of the Troll3,000Smithing
Thin Veil of The Troll20 KSmithing
Trollish Garb10 KSmithing
Twisted Scales5,000Smithing