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In order to turn ore into bars you need to put them in the forge. Better ores require more time to smelt and use more ores to produce each bar. You can also add barrels to speed up or otherwise enhance the smelting.

You can upgrade the forge as well in the upgrade tab. Upgrades include:

Upgrade Bonus Max Bonus
New Forge Slot Opens +1 slot to smelt ores in per level 16 Available Slots (Lv. 16)
Ore Capacity Boost Increases max ores per slot by 10 * (2 + level) per level 13270 Max Ore Capacity (Lv. 50)
Forge Speed Ores are turned into bars +5% faster per level +550% Forge Speed (Lv. 90)
Forge EXP Gain +1% bonus EXP gain from using the forge per level
(doesn't do anything atm)
85% Forge EXP Gain (Lv. 85)
Bar Bonanza +1% chance to make an extra bar per level +75% Chance for Multi Bars (Lv. 75)
Puff Puff Go +1% chance for a card drop while afk
(forge card chance, which are not from afk)
120% Card Drop Chance (Lv. 60)

Forge slots can also be upgraded in the Gem Shop via the Brimstone Forge Slot upgrade, which grants 50% faster smelting and 50% multi-bar for a slot.

Forge Times

Ores take time to turn into bars in the forge. The duration can be reduced via the aforementioned forge upgrades, using certain Oil Barrels, as well as with the Archer talent Smeltin' Erryday Smeltin' Erryday, which grants a chance at instant forge progress on each kill (AFK or active, including Multikill).

Ore Time Bar
Copper Ore.png Copper Ore x2 50 Seconds (50s) Copper Bar.png Copper Bar
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore x4 150 Seconds (2m 30s) Iron Bar.png Iron Bar
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore x7 350 Seconds (5m 50s) Gold Bar.png Gold Bar
Platinum Ore.png Platinum Ore x16 1000 Seconds (16m 40s) Platinum Bar.png Platinum Bar
Dementia Ore.png Dementia Ore x40 1500 Seconds (25m) Dementia Bar.png Dementia Bar
Void Ore.png Void Ore x100 2500 Seconds (41m 40s) Void Bar.png Void Bar
Lustre Ore.png Lustre Ore x250 5000 Seconds (1h 23m 20s) Lustre Bar.png Lustre Bar
Starfire Ore.png Starfire Ore x500 10000 Seconds (2h 46m 40s) Starfire Bar.png Starfire Bar
Dreadlo Ore.png Dreadlo Ore x1000 20000 Seconds (5h 33m 20s) Dreadlo Bar.png Dreadlo Bar
Godshard Ore.png Godshard Ore x5000 60000 Seconds (16h 40m) Godshard Bar.png Godshard Bar
Marble Ore.png Marble Ore x10000 100000 Seconds (1d 3h 46m 40s) Marble Bar.png Marble Bar

Forge Cards

Occasionally when removing finished bars from the forge, one or more cards will drop. The first tab of the forge (first four slots) drops Fire Forge Card.png Fire Forge Cards, while the second drops Cinder Forge Card.png Cinder Forge Cards. The last two tabs do not drop cards. The type of bar smelted doesn't matter.


Oil may be added to a forge slot to boost Forging Speed or Extra Bar Chance:

Oil Boost Consumption Chance
Crude Oil.png Crude Oil Forging Speed +15% 75%
Eco Friendly Oil.png Eco Friendly Oil Forging Speed +10% 30%
Radioactive Waste.png Radioactive Waste Forging Speed +30% 30%
Glumlee's Special Tutorial Oil.png Glumlee's Special Tutorial Oil Forging Speed +999% 200%
Toxic Sludge.png Toxic Sludge Extra Bar Chance +20% 60%
Magma Barrel.png Magma Barrel Extra Bar Chance +40% 50%