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The Telescope is found in Where the Branches End, the third zone of the tree, located at the top left of the area.

Reaching and using the Telescope allows the players character to change Star Signs and unlock new Star Signs if they have enough Star Chart Points.

Quest Information for Telescope
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
I'm Seeing Stars! Follow the engraving's advice, and press the little constellation on the bottom right branch. Difficulty 2.png Constellation A-2: 1 No 2 2 HR Time Candy.png 2 HR Time Candy, 10 Gem.png Gem, 2 4 HR Time Candy.png 4 HR Time Candy The constellation is on the same map as the telescope, you need to afk 1h in order to complete it
Dialogue Table for Telescope
Dialogue Text Quest
The engraving on the side says 'High Power Hubble Telescope, capable of over 500000x magnification...'
'...which means you'll finally be able to read the font in this game without hurting your eyes!' The engraving continues on:
'Before you use the telescope, you must find constellations. There are dozens all across the game! There's even one on this map...
' you see it? It's on the bottom right branch. If you can complete its challenge, it will forever light up and youll get points to spend on new Star Signs!' The engraving continues on:
'Go complete Constellation A-2. It's right there on the bottom right branch, then the telescope will be usable!' I'm Seeing Stars!
Please empty 2 inventory spaces!
Oh no there's still more engravi- 'Anyway, as I was saying before I got interrupted, there are constellations all over the game, so always look out for them wherever you go! There's also a trophy if you can light up them all!' The engraving pops out of the telescope and falls down the tree.