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Wizard is a Mage Class Icon.png Mage subclass that specializes in Worship Skill IconMini.png Worship.

Wizard Family Bonus

 Class Level

 Family Man Talent

+ Star Tab Talent Points

Wizard talents

Ice Shards

Ice Shards.png

Your next basic attack deals % dmg 3 times, and freezes all nearby mobs

Mana Cost: 20 
Action Time: 1.2 Seconds 
Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Floor Is Lava

Floor Is Lava.png

Summon x2 volcanos which erupt around you, dealing % dmg

Gain 1 additional volcano every 40 points.

Mana Cost: 17 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 13 Seconds



Summon a tornado, which deals % dmg and disappears after seconds

Applies 6 tics of damage per second to all enemies it touches. Gain 1 second of duration every 20 points.

Mana Cost: 15 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 25 Seconds

Speedy Book

Speedy Book.png

Getting 4 kills in 4 sec activates 'Speedy Book' boosting attack rate by % for sec

Mana Cost: 10 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 2 Seconds

Mana Is Life

Mana Is Life.png

% dmg taken is dealt to MP. Also, +% Multikill per Damage Tier

Mana Cost: 12 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 1 Minute 

Paperwork, Great...

Paperwork, Great....png

+% Damage for every 10 Stamps in your collection. Oink Oink!

Occult Obols

Occult Obols.png

Obols give +% more WIS than what is listed

Staring Statues

Staring Statues.png

'Exp', 'Lumberbob', and 'Beholder' statues give +% more bonus

WIS Wumbo

WIS Wumbo.png

+ Max Talent Level for 'Book of the Wise'

Fuscia Flasks

Fuscia Flasks.png

Each Lv of 'Mage is Best' Bubble raises max Lv of 'Overclocked Energy', up to +

Charge Syphon

Charge Syphon.png

Steal charge from all your players, giving you % of it.
+% Max Charge for 1 Min.

Mana Cost: 10 
Action Time: 0.95 Seconds 
Cooldown: 1 Hour 



+% Worship Efficiency per power of 10 Forest Souls in your Storage Chest.

Bless Up

Bless Up.png

+% Worship EXP gain. Access the other totems faster!

Nearby Outlet

Nearby Outlet.png

+x Charge Rate. You know, for Worship... No, not for your phone.

Earlier Education

Earlier Education.png

+ Talent Points for the 'Mage' talent tab. What, these talent's aint good 'nuff for ya?