Bleach Logs

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What Bleach Logs is used in
Name Quantity Type
Purple Tupacband.png Purple Tupacband100Smithing
Small Choppin Pouch.png Small Choppin Pouch800Smithing
Birch Longbow.png Birch Longbow250Smithing
Copper Platelegs.png Copper Platelegs150Smithing
Bleached Designer Wode Patch Pants.png Bleached Designer Wode Patch Pants700Smithing
Hide Shirt.png Hide Shirt325Smithing
Peanut.png Peanut1Smithing
Purple Tee.png Purple Tee100Smithing
Fist Stamp.png Fist StampLotsStamps More Info.
PurpleBubble1.png Stable JeniusLotsAlchemy Bubble More Info.
Construction Table.png Frozone Malone Bonus Levels304.4 MBonus Levels  More Info.
Construction Table.png Frozone MaloneConstruction
Empty Box.png Simple ShippinLotsPost Office
Krunk.gif King of the Cavern 1200Quests
Picnic Stowaway.gif Brunchin' with the Blobs 1500Quests
Stiltzcho.gif Investigator by Day, Prankster by Night 3Quests
Detailed Drop Details for Bleach Logs
Source Chance Quantity
Dewdrop Silver Chest 101 in 10.0