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Krunk is found in Freefall Caverns, the second zone of the mines, located at the bottom of the area.

Finishing his questline will unlock a shortcut to the gold ore within Freefall Caverns, but only for characters that have completed the questline.

You must complete all three of his quests and talk to him after reaching Mining Level 25 in order to receive the Krunk Token.png Krunk Token, which falls on the ground. He does say Level 33 at first but then changes his mind and gives it to you early.

Quest Information for Krunk
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
A Plot to be Perfect Get Krunk some things that will probably not explode when mixed. Difficulty 2.png 200Iron Ore.png Iron Ore, 50Small Mana Potion.png Small Mana Potion Yes 200 Icing Ironbite.png Icing Ironbite, 500 Class Experience, 400 Mining Experience
The Scientific Method, According to a Rock He want's shiny things. Difficulty 4.png 200Gold Ore.png Gold Ore, 100Iron Bar.png Iron Bar, 20Power Statue.png Power Statue Yes 5 Armor Upgrade Stone G.png Armor Upgrade Stone G, 1 Storage Chest 3.png Storage Chest 3, 1000 Class Experience
King of the Cavern Gather some construction materials for Hank... I mean Krunk. Difficulty 5.png 1200Bleach Logs.png Bleach Logs, 300Trusty Nails.png Trusty Nails, 600Thread.png Thread Yes 2 Speed Statue.png Speed Statue, 1000 Class Experience You unlock a bridge at the top of the screen next to the portal that connects directly to the gold ores.
Dialogue Table for Krunk
Dialogue Text Quest
This may be the most perfect specimen I've ever come across...
If only I could achieve such form. Hey human, could you get me some ingredients? I've got an idea. A Plot to be Perfect
You've got a full inventory, clear some space so I can give you the byproduct of my failed creation!
Interesting, the viscosity of the mana potion prevented it from adhering to the smooth surface of the iron sample, instead rendering it edible!
If I am to achieve total substantiative infusion, I'll have to use more sophisticated words so I seem smart enough to bend reality to do my bidding! Fetcheth unto me thine most precious of materials! The Scientific Method, According to a Rock
You've got a full inventory, clear some space so I can give you the byproduct of my failed creation!
How curious, the gilded particles of those precious metals broke down the structural integrity of the statue, without mitigating its bonus giving qualities!
However, I am no closer to turning myself into diamond. My scholarly vocabulary has not aided the inventive process thus far, so perhaps I must take a step back, and be more simple minded...
Well Bobby, today sure is a fine day for some construction work, I tell you hwat! Nothing beats the satisfaction of creating something with your own two hands, 'specially something that also serves a useful purpose! King of the Cavern
There we have it, now that's a sturdy bridge if ever I've seen one! ...well, I wasn't expecting roleplaying as a hard-working propane salesman to help with my scientific pursuits! And it didnt! I guess I should just give up, I have no other ideas.
Aha, I've got an idea! Quick, go buy 500000 gems from the Gem Store, I can use them to alter the... what's that? You'd uninstall if that was the actual quest? Alright, give me a moment to think of an alternate plan... Return at Mining Level 33
You've come at the right time, player! I have devised the perfect strategy to rid me of this worthless rock body!
I need you to... Hang on, I'm getting a call from the game developer Lavaflame2... Hey, how are you? ... Oh, is that so? You haven't coded my final quest yet? I see, sure, I'll let them know. Sorry player, you'll have to wait until later to do my final quest!
Hold up human, you're acting a bit over eager for my final quest! Look, perfect science like this is no trifling thing... a 5 month wait since "The Kablamo" happened back in November of last year isn't all that long considering the sophistication at hand!
You can have my token early if it means you'll get off my back for a while, but do return when I am prepared for my final plan!