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Anvil Tab 1.png Anvil Tab 1 Lv Req: 5 Exp: 2 No.51
Hot Dog.png Hot Dog 2
Copper Ore.png Copper Ore 1
Bleach Logs.png Bleach Logs 1
Recipe from Brunchin' with the Blobs
What Peanut is used in
Name Quantity Type
Golden Peanut100Smithing
A Peanut for your Thoughts 50Quests
A Peanut Saved is a Peanut not Eaten! 400Quests
Honk if you Love Peanuts! 200Quests
Mushroom Munchies 100Quests
Brunchin' with the Blobs 100Quests
How It's Made, Episode 7. The Super Peanut 500Quests