Frigid Soul

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What Frigid Soul is used in
Anvil Tab 4.png Anvil Tab 4 2,500 Smithing
Glauss Skull.png Glauss Skull 40,000 Smithing
Grey Gatsby.png Grey Gatsby 5,000 Smithing
Manifested Skull.png Manifested Skull 8,000 Smithing
Massive Soul Pouch.png Massive Soul Pouch 90,000 Smithing
Tundra Skills Completion Token.png Tundra Skills Completion Token 12,500 Smithing
OrangeBubble15.png Orange Bargain Lots Alchemy Bubble More Info.
Vial-level-1.png Slowergy Drink 1.1 B Alchemy Vials More Info.
Refinery.png Nullo Salt Lots Refining
Salt Lick.png Salt Lick 21,270 Construction
Beefy For Real.png Beefy For Real Lots Prayers
Fibers of Absence.png Fibers of Absence Lots Prayers
Vacuous Tissue.png Vacuous Tissue Lots Prayers