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Funguy is found in Winding Willows, the second zone of the Jungle, located in the bottom left of the area. Saying "hi" to him is a possible daily Task.

His final quest awards the Funguy Token.png Funguy Token.

Quest Information for Funguy
Quest Name Quest Text Difficulty Requirements Consumed? Rewards Notes
Mushroom Munchies Be the food hookup Difficulty 3.png 100x Peanut.png Peanut, 25x Cheezy Pizza.png Cheezy Pizza, 100x Average Strength Potion.png Average Strength Potion Yes 1x Small Food Pouch.png Small Food Pouch, 1x Talent Point Reset Potion.png Talent Point Reset Potion, 800 Class Experience The Peanut recipe comes from Picnic Stowaway.
Videogame Highscores are COOL! Get a score of 35 in the Choppin Minigame. Difficulty 3.png Choppin Score: >= 35. Starting at 0. No Beginner Recipe.png Fur Shirt (Recipe), 3000 Class Experience, Silver Coin.png12 Copper Coin.png50
Partycrastination Wait until the party starts. Difficulty 6.png 250x Time Thingy.png Time Thingy Yes 1x Silver Stopwatch.png Silver Stopwatch, 1500 Smithing Experience
Party Crashin' Go on then party! Difficulty 4.png Meet New People: >= 35. Starting at 0., Make Some Friends: >= 0. Starting at 0. No 5000 Class Experience, 3000 Chopping Experience, 4x Gem.png Gem Kill the 35 spawned monsters. If you left the area before killing all 35 monsters, forfeit and re-accept the quest to spawn them again.
Wicked Party Cleanup Get toilet paper to help clean. Difficulty 5.png 10000x Potty Rolls.png Potty Rolls Yes 1x Funguy Token.png Funguy Token, 4x Warped Weapon Upgrade Stone.png Warped Weapon Upgrade Stone
Dialogue Table for Funguy
Dialogue Text Quest
Hehehe... ohh heyyy there dude! How's it hangin? You ready for the partayyy??
Pshh heheh come on my man don't be like these slithering squaaaares 'round here! You gotta come to the party it's gonna be soooo killer!!
But uh you gooootta hook us up with some food bro it's common mushroom manners! Bring it here and we'll carry it to the party with this novelty food bag I bought online when I was... hehehe well never mind! @ QUEST:Be the food hookup Mushroom Munchies
Clear up 1 inventory space my dude!
Ahhh you legend you even brought driiiiinks! Hehehe you're quite the party starter I like that! Here's that bag I was talking about earlier all this food should fit riiiiight in hehe!
Soooo... you're kiiiiinda my plus one for this shindig my guy so my reps ridin' on you being a toooootally chillin guy. You look heckin' skilled so lets roll with that...
You ever played that choppin' minigame? Everyone around here loooves that game you'd get mad respect from having a siiiick score to brag about! @ QUEST:Get a score of 35 in the Choppin Minigame. Videogame Highscores are COOL!
Clear up 1 inventory space my dude!
Woahhohoho! Mister sliiick right here slidin' in with the super high score! You're gonna be a critical hit at the partayyyyyy believe me!
Buuuuut it's still not time to go yet. Trust me you do NOT wanna be the first one to this party... but a kiiiiiller like you already knew that for sure! @ QUEST:Wait until the party starts. Partycrastination
You're tooootally out of inventory space! Clear up 1 slot then talk to me again.
IT IS TIIIIIIME! Just talk to me again and I'll use my 'mushroom magic' to teleport all the partiers right here! This is gonna be siiiiiiiick!
WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING??? BRO YOU... @ ...totally killed it out there! WOOO! You sure know how to partayyyyy!
What you thought you were killing them? Hahaha bro chill. They're monsters they'll just respawn back home no biiiiggie! Yo but could you help clean up before headin' out? @ QUEST:Get toilet paper to help clean. Wicked Party Cleanup
You need 2 inventory spaces to complete the quest. Clear up that pack and come back!
Hey thanks good stuff back there eh? I'll see you on your next character party never truly ends hahaha!