Godshard Bar

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What Godshard Bar is used in
Name Quantity Type
Angler of the Iliunne.png Angler of the Iliunne30 kSmithing
Containment of the Zrgyios.png Containment of the Zrgyios50 kSmithing
Crystal Skull of Esquire Vnoze.png Crystal Skull of Esquire Vnoze50 kSmithing
Destroyer of the Mollo Gomme.png Destroyer of the Mollo Gomme10 kSmithing
Doublestring Godshooter.png Doublestring Godshooter150 kSmithing
Magnifique Godcaster.png Magnifique Godcaster150 kSmithing
Massive Godbreaker.png Massive Godbreaker150 kSmithing
Wrangler of the Qoxzul.png Wrangler of the Qoxzul40 kSmithing
Annihilator of the Yggdrasil.png Annihilator of the Yggdrasil30 kSmithing
Crown of the Gods.png Crown of the Gods150 kSmithing
Drip of the Gods.png Drip of the Gods100 kSmithing
Mittens of the Gods.png Mittens of the Gods1 MSmithing
Robe of the Gods.png Robe of the Gods120 kSmithing
Tatters of the Gods.png Tatters of the Gods100 kSmithing
Vial-level-1.png Dabar Special1.1 BAlchemy Vials More Info.