Mutated Mush

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To summon this boss, take Toxic Sludge.png Toxic Sludge or Radioactive Waste.png Radioactive Waste to the Spaceway Raceway (Purp Mushroom map). On the top platform there are 1 or more mushrooms growing out of the ground. Drop the barrel on the mushrooms, this will spawn as many Mutated Mushes as there were mushrooms. The fight is similar to Dr Defecaus, but more HP and an additional projectile, similar to Amarok's Fireball.

After using up the mushrooms, you have to wait a minimum of 4 days for the next one to spawn. Boss spawns will increase according to the table below. The days are the total waiting days, not cumulative. It only counts days when you log in on at least one character.

Mutated Mush also appears in the 15th wave of the Astro Colosseum.

SpawnsDaysDays per Spawn
Droptable for Mutated Mush
Coins.gifGold Coin.png 2 Silver Coin.png 50 11 in 1.00
Mutated Mush Card.pngMutated Mush Card 151 in 5.00
Troll's Enclave Key.pngTroll's Enclave Key 121 in 2.00
Apprentice Recipe.pngDawn Stopwatch (Recipe) 1501 in 50.0
Armor Upgrade Stone C.pngArmor Upgrade Stone C 1251 in 25.0
Pet Egg.pngPet Egg 11.66666666666671 in 1.67
Cooking Ladle.pngCooking Ladle 311 in 1.00
Journeyman Recipe.pngSouped Lab Ring (Recipe) 11251 in 125
Arrow Down Blue.pngRare Drops.pngArrow Down Blue.png
 Dungeon Loot Dice.pngx1: 21 in 2.00 - DropTable13
Small Experience Balloon.pngSmall Experience Balloon 141 in 4.00
Gem.pngGem 421 in 2.00
1 HR Time Candy.png1 HR Time Candy 151 in 5.00
2 HR Time Candy.png2 HR Time Candy 1101 in 10.0
4 HR Time Candy.png4 HR Time Candy 1401 in 40.0
12 HR Time Candy.png12 HR Time Candy 12001 in 200
24 HR Time Candy.png24 HR Time Candy 1666.666666666671 in 667
72 HR Time Candy.png72 HR Time Candy 16666.66666666671 in 6,670