Steel Traps

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Anvil Tab 3.png Anvil Tab 3 Lv Req: 46 Exp: 500 k No.41
Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember.png Eternal Lord of The Undying Ember 6
Natural Traps.png Natural Traps 1
Dense Water.png Dense Water 5
Recipe from Task Unlocks Tab 3
What Steel Traps is used in
Name Quantity Type
Meaty Traps1Smithing
Trap Data
Time Qty Multi XP Multi Shiny Multi Qty Eff XP Eff Shiny Eff
3 Hours 5x 10x 1.67x/h 0.33x/h 3.33x/h
60 Hours 50x 80x 0.83x/h 0.02x/h 1.33x/h
5 Days 100x 160x 0.83x/h 0.01x/h 1.33x/h
20 Hours 1x 60x 0.05x/h 0.05x/h 3x/h