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This is the starting class, its talents are shared with every class in the game.

Once you choose a class the first tab also gets 5 class specific talents.

Beginner Talents

Health Booster

Health Booster.png

Increases Max HP by

Mana Booster

Mana Booster.png

Increases Max MP by

Star Player

Star Player.png

Gives Special Talent Points. Special Talents are found throughout the game!

Bucklered Up

Bucklered Up.png

Increases Total Defense by +%

Sharpened Axe

Sharpened Axe.png

Increases Base Weapon Power by . This contributes to your total damage.

Fist of Rage

Fist of Rage.png

Increases your Base STR by (STR boosts Max HP and Crit Damage)

*Level cap boosted by STR Summore STR Summore (Barbarian/Squire),
Overblown Testosterone Overblown Testosterone (Blood Berserker/Divine Knight) and Eternal Str Eternal Str (Voidwalker).

Quickness Boots

Quickness Boots.png

Increases your Base AGI by (AGI boosts Movement Speed and Crit Chance).

*Level cap boosted by AGI Again AGI Again (Bowman/Hunter),
Adaptation Revelation Adaptation Revelation (Siege Breaker/Beast Master) and Eternal Agi Eternal Agi (Voidwalker).

Book of the Wise

Book of the Wise.png

Increases your Base WIS by (WIS boosts Mana and Boss Damage).

*Level cap boosted by WIS Wumbo WIS Wumbo (Wizard/Shaman),
Utmost Intellect Utmost Intellect (Elemental Sorcerer/Bubonic Conjuror) and Eternal Wis Eternal Wis (Voidwalker).

Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover.png

Increases your Base LUK by (LUK boosts drop rate, EXP Gain, and other RNG.)

Gilded Sword

Gilded Sword.png

Boosts Damage dealt to all monsters by %

Happy Dude

Happy Dude.png

Increase Exp Gain for all Skills by %

*This talent is replaced with one for specialized skills only when you class promote to Warrior, Archer or Mage.
Level cap boosted by Bliss N Chips Bliss N Chips (Maestro).