Gold Ore

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What Gold Ore is used in
Name Quantity Type
Average Mining Pouch.png Average Mining Pouch2 kSmithing
FMJ Bullet.png FMJ Bullet15Smithing
Brainstew Stamps.png Brainstew StampsLotsStamps More Info.
PurpleBubble6.png Name I GuessLotsAlchemy Bubble More Info.
Vial-level-1.png Gold Guzzle1.1 BAlchemy Vials More Info.
Lab - Conductive Motherboard.png Conductive Motherboard100 kChip Repository Purchase
Forge.png Forging7Forging
Empty Box.png Simple ShippinLotsPost Office
Krunk.gif The Scientific Method, According to a Rock 200Quests
Detailed Drop Details for Gold Ore
Source Chance Quantity
Dewdrop Golden Chest 101 in 10.0

Sandstone Bronze Chest 1.66666666666671 in 1.67