Iron Bar

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What Iron Bar is used in
Amarok Bodyplate.png Amarok Bodyplate 300 Smithing
Anvil Tab 2.png Anvil Tab 2 250 Smithing
Birthday Hat.png Birthday Hat 150 Smithing
Bucket of Slush.png Bucket of Slush 5 Smithing
Fur Shirt.png Fur Shirt 500 Smithing
Iron Boots.png Iron Boots 125 Smithing
Iron Fishing Rod.png Iron Fishing Rod 300 Smithing
Iron Helmet.png Iron Helmet 125 Smithing
Iron Pickaxe.png Iron Pickaxe 70 Smithing
Iron Platebody.png Iron Platebody 150 Smithing
Iron Platelegs.png Iron Platelegs 170 Smithing
Militia Helm.png Militia Helm 15 Smithing
Serrated Rex Ring.png Serrated Rex Ring 1,000 Smithing
Steel Band.png Steel Band 600 Smithing
Thief Hood.png Thief Hood 15 Smithing
Top Hat.png Top Hat 15 Smithing
Book Stamp.png Book Stamp Lots Stamps More Info.
PurpleBubble4.png Molto Loggo Lots Alchemy Bubble More Info.
Vial-level-1.png Barley Brew 1.1 B Alchemy Vials More Info.
Construction Table.png Boulder Roller 185.5 K Construction
Construction Table.png Boulder Roller Bonus Levels 76.3 M Bonus Levels  More Info.
Empty Box.png Simple Shippin Lots Post Office
Krunk.gif The Scientific Method, According to a Rock 100 Quests
Picnic Stowaway.gif Luncheon with the Inlaws 100 Quests
Detailed Drop Details for Iron Bar
Source Chance Quantity
Dewdrop Golden Chest 101 in 10.0