Royal Traps

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This article is about the level-48 trap. For the level-60 trap, see Egalitarian Royal Traps.
Anvil Tab 4.png Anvil Tab 4 Lv Req: 62 Exp: 1 M No.45
Blobfish.png Blobfish 100 k
Meaty Traps.png Meaty Traps 1
Recipe from Task Unlocks Tab 4
What Royal Traps is used in
Name Quantity Type
Egalitarian Royal Traps1Smithing
Trap Data
Time Qty Multi XP Multi Shiny Multi Qty Eff XP Eff Shiny Eff
20 Minutes 2x 4x 6x/h 3x/h 12x/h
1 Hours 4x 8x 4x/h 1x/h 8x/h
10 Hours 21x 38x 2.1x/h 0.1x/h 3.8x/h
40 Hours 70x 125x 1.75x/h 0.03x/h 3.13x/h
7 Days 250x 375x 1.49x/h 0.01x/h 2.23x/h
28 Days 550x 1150x 0.82x/h 0x/h 1.71x/h